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As one of five DHS regional centers in the National Visualization and Analytics Center (NVAC) network, the University of Washington’s Pacific Rim Visualization and Analytics Center (PARVAC) has the mission of advancing visual analytics for the enhancement of distributed, collaborative cognition and decision-making for public safety and security.  PARVAC also plays the distinctive role of building partnerships with Pacific Rim international and domestic partners.  The central goal of PARVAC’s research agenda is the application of visual analytic systems in support of analysts, responders and incident managers in distributed operational environments, collaboratively engaged in awareness, analysis, decision-making and actions that increase the safety and security of their communities and regions.  PARVAC serves as a resource for regional research on communication and collaboration among the relevant public safety and security agencies in Puget Sound. Its educational mission is to establish appropriate educational curricula and resources, and encourage students to pursue educational and research opportunities in the emerging field of safety and security studies.

PARVAC was founded by Professor Tom Furness in 2006. In January, 2008, Professor Mark Haselkorn became the PARVAC Director and Gael Tarleton became its manager for partnerships and strategic initiatives. The center has expanded its research and educational initiatives since 2006. PARVAC continues to connect with partners in government, industry, and non-governmental organizations that share a commitment to public safety and security cooperation.

PARVAC activities include research and development related to visual analytics, facilitation of cooperation among regional response and preparedness agencies, and education in the emerging field of visual analytics. PARVAC's regional response coordination activities will assist the Puget Sound disaster response community with identification of visual analytic needs and technology transfer from the VAC research community. While the PARVAC research agenda continues to evolve and expand, current projects focus on many different areas.

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