Faria Bhatti

User Centered Design & Engineering | Technical Communication | Usability Research

Web Design

PARVAC Website Design

This website was designed for a research center , Pacific Rim Visualization and Analytics Center (PARVAC), funded by the Department of Homeland Security at University of Washington. I also performed the content management and consistent updates on this website.


ISCRAM International Conference Website Design

This website was the home site for participants and attendees of an international conference held by PARVAC in collaboration with the international association for the study of Information Systems of Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM). This website was used for registration, paper submission, and as a source of information for new visitors and international attendees.


UWS2 Website Design

UW has a safety and security certificate program called University of Washington Safety and Security Research and Education (UWS2), which has been recently accepted by the UW committee. The certificate program has launched this website as their main homepage.


Travel Guide to Pakistan

This website was a class project in which a planning report and a website was designed. Planning report highlights the different phases of the planning and designing of the website whereas this website is a travel guide for tourists interested in touring to Pakistan.


INSER Website Design

Another research center at UW is called the Institute of National Security Education and Research (INSER). Designed the initial phases of this research center's website which was then carried forward by other designers.


Chemical Process in Flash

While working as a web editor, I designed a chemical process about radical cells using Flash. This project was a learning assignment by the Digital Learning and Design at UW Educational Outreach.