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Usability Research

Usability Testing of Google Calendar

The purpose of this study was to conduct a usability research on Google calendar and test its various features. Three participants were tested in the study, test sessions were audio and video recorded, results were analyzed and a recommendation report was written. The usability report below contains a discussion of features that were tested, key findings, key recommendations, and a test kit. A PowerPoint presentation was also created to share the results with faculty and students.

Ethnography on FedEx Kinko's

An ethnographic research was conducted on FedEx Kinko's which explored how interactions between customers and employees take place. Used multiple qualitative research methodologies, along with ethnography, to collect data. Activity at the site was observed for 7 weeks (2 hours each week), and field notes were taken. Two employees were interviewed for 30 minutes, interviews were recorded and transcribed. Index, codebook, interview questions, images, and memorandums are present in the field note journal. Results and recommendations are described in the light of themes that emerged from the data collected.

Empirical Research on Classroom Setting in Pakistan

This study investigates the relationship of gender, location, and preferred educational setting in Pakistan. Conducted an extensive literature review, and wrote a recommendation report which discusses the results and findings based on the SPSS analysis and qualitative data collected. Data used in this research is not real and is created based on other similar researches done in that region. Survey questionnaires were created along with brief interview questions which were to be asked to the students from those regions. The PowerPoint presentation below contains images, hypotheses, methods, results from surveys and interviews, SPSS results, and conclusion.

User Research on Renaming a UW Engineering Department

This study was about rebranding the Human Centered Design & Engineering department at the University of Washington. Conducted this user research project on two aspects—mission statement and visual identity of the department. Carried out a survey, interviewed people, and ran usability test sessions. Used participatory research and surveys to obtain different sets of results, analyzed the data obtained and devised recommendations for the department. This report and presentation highlights all the aspects covered.

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Computer Assisted Communication

The goal of this project was to provide a pathway to design a ‘smart’ remote control (TOTAL Control) which will be able to detect users' TV viewing behavior and patterns, and will modify the interface of the TOTAL Control according to it. These patterns will be run against an algorithm and the main display will change to reflect the results of the computation. A case study was conducted among three participants belonging to different fields of life. Research themes that resulted from the case studies helped in designing the paper prototype of the device. The final recommendation report for this project contains literature review, case studies, recommendations, market launch plan and final sketch of the device. All the images designed while prototyping are shown below.

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User Interface Design for a Fitness Device

The purpose of this project was to design a fitness device (Fitness Quest) which would assist users in developing a fitness regimen. For this study, designed a prototype, its interface and storyboard, and created the final mock-up. Created a task-list for users to perform different tasks on the prototype to test all the designed interfaces. Conducted surveys and collected data. Changes were made to the interface based on the feedback received from the users in the first trial of the product. Another set of trials were run which reflected the changes from user feedback received in the first trial. The final report contains surveys, results, task-list and different design phases. The report also includes the sketches and their respective narratives which formed the basis of the later steps in the project.

Mock Up




Story board


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Proposal for Resting Stations at UW

This proposal is based on the needs of students who seek a temporary place to study and rest at the University of Washington campus, especially during finals. These resting stations would be treated as on-campus motels as students will be able to rent them for short-term time spans. The proposal includes a report, layout of the resting stations, budget, market analysis and services the resting station would offer. The budget is designed by a group partner and is incorporated in to the final proposal.



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