Faria Bhatti

User Centered Design & Engineering | Technical Communication | Usability Research

Report Writing

Empirical Research on Classroom Setting in Pakistan

This research report is about a study conducted on the classroom setting in urban and tribal areas of Pakistan. It was written as a final class project and is based on statistical and empirical research using SPSS.

Yahoo! in India and America

A comparative strategy critique was performed on American and Indian versions of Yahoo as a class project. The report discusses different aspects on how the search engine is used by two different cultures.

Social Networking Sites and Information Overload

This report discusses the impact of information overload on society and how social networking sites are deteriorating the situation by sharing extraneous amounts of information on a daily basis.

Market Study on Saudi Arabia

A market study was conducted on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which discusses the importance of becoming familiar with the culture of the target audience for a successful business interaction.

TOTAL Control as the new Remote Control

Designed a mock-up of a smart remote control called TOTAL control which would detect user's viewing habits and would adjust the interface of the device accordingly. This report discusses all the different design phases of the project.