Faria Bhatti

User Centered Design & Engineering | Technical Communication | Usability Research

Document Design

Ethnography on FedEx Kinko's

Conducted an ethnographic research on how collaboration and communication takes place at FedEx Kinko's. A poster was designed along with a research report and a project presentation. PowerPoint was used to create the poster.


University of Washington Safety and Security Research and Education (UWS2)

Designed a logo along with a website while working for PARVAC which initiated a certificate program at University of Washington called UWS2. Adobe Illustrator was used to create the logo.


Various document designs for a course project

Created various document types including Knowledge Map, STOP, Hypertext and QuickScan from two simple Word documents. The link on the right leads to the website which contains the Word documents and their different variations designed from the Word documents.


Site Layout for research location

This image is a layout of the location where I performed fieldnote observations for an ethnographic research conducted at FedEx Kinko's. The layout displays the set-up of the site which includes different parts of the store. Site layout is designed using Visio.


Research process layout

Conducted research on hundreds of articles and verified the level of empiricism of each article. Summarized the article filtration process and designed a flowchart for the filtration process method.

Storyboard for a website

Designed a storyboard for a class project which consisted of three primary level webpages. The purpose of designing this storyboard was to learn designing website designs in Adobe Photoshop.