Faria Bhatti

User Centered Design & Engineering | Technical Communication | Usability Research


My name is Faria Bhatti. This website is a portfolio of majority of my work so far which I would like to showcase to you. Brief background about my education is that I am a University of Washington graduate with an MS in User Centered Design & Engineering (June 2010) and a BS in Technical Communication (June 2008).

I began my professional career from FedEx where I started off as a retail associate and worked my way up to becoming a senior project operator. I then started graduate school and started working as a content manager at a safety and security center, PARVAC at UW, which is run by Department of Homeland Security. After graduating from school, I have worked for various tech companies including Google, Expedia and Microsoft.

I am originally from Pakistan and came to the United States when I was seven years old. I did most of my schooling in the United States, but visited Pakistan often. These frequent visits to Pakistan kept me informed of the culture and I was able to keep in touch with my family living there. It also helped me learn different languages - Urdu/Hindi, English, and Punjabi. I also learned about diversity in terms of diverse users and their differing needs for similar products in different parts of the world. It has been a very interesting phenomenon to observe two completely different cultures and mold myself to fit into both.

After getting married, I had the opportunity to live and work in Dubai. I worked at Microsoft and got the exposure and opportunity to learn about a completely different and vibrant culture. It was a very enriching experience which equipped me with many unique social and cross-cultural skills.

My future goal is to become a communication specialist and an information management expert to improve design & comprehension of information, and facilitate communication. This will not only assist in effective collaboration, but will also result in effective and result-oriented productivity.

Feel free to send me a note for feedback or questions. I hope you enjoy surfing through the rest of my portfolio!